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How rates are used - Economic Development

This page shows more detail of how much we spend in this service area.


International economic development £481,923
Local economic development £3,034,330
Support services £3,748,290

International economic development

We have been working for many years to secure European finance and develop relationships that enable council to enhance citizens’ quality of life. Recently we have widened our focus beyond Europe, developing an international framework which aims to develop relationships with USA, India and China in business and leisure tourism; education, learning and talent; and trade and investment.
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Local economic development

Our objective is to promote Belfast as a place to do business and to help grow a sustainable, forward looking economy supported by a flexible and dynamic workforce by promoting business start-ups, supporting business growth and helping to create the right skills to match local business needs.

We work in partnership with central and local government, other public sector bodies, the private and voluntary sectors and our local community to achieve these goals and to address the challenges at the heart of our city's economy. Our activities are mainly funded from council rates and are supplemented by funding from Europe as well as other public funding sources.

From October 2012 to September 2013 we supported 1,223 businesses through various different programmes.
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Support services

Providing communications and media support, providing policy development and business planning services across the organisation, leading larger projects such as the State of the City Development Debates, Future City Conference and Council’s framework for tackling poverty and social inequalities.
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