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How rates are used - Environmental Health

This page shows more detail of how much we spend in this service area.


Belfast Ports £321,282
Community safety and environmental support £7,746,466
District policing partnership £1,088,789
Dog control £713,960
Food safety £1,017,393
Housing standards £642,564
Pest control £321,282
Pollution control £1,195,883

Belfast ports

Although we don't operate the Port of Belfast, we are responsible for making sure the port meets environmental health standards by carrying out inspections, overseeing the import of food into Belfast, monitoring for infectious diseases, issuing ship sanitation and exemption certificates.
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Community safety & environmental support

Community Safety Unit is responsible for the development of initiatives to improve safety, and feeling of safety in the city. Initiatives include the introduction of alleygates and campaigns to increase the reporting of hate crime.
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We provide an advice service to keep our residents safe and to also give them help to use consumer legislation correctly to protect their consumer rights. We also inspect workplaces and shops to make sure they are safe for residents and visitors to Belfast and are complying with the law.
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We run special events, education programmes and awareness campaigns such as ‘Your dog, your job’ dog fouling campaign, anti-litter campaigns and mascots such as Scoop Dog, Captain Cleanup and the Litter Pig as Belfast’s very own champions of cleanliness.

District policing partnership

We work to promote relationships between the community and the police and to tackle issues such as alcohol related crime and antisocial behaviour.
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Dog control

As well as a team of dog wardens who deal with reports of strays or dangerous dogs, we have a dedicated animal welfare officer who is responsible for ensuring the welfare of non-farm animals in the council area.
We also issue dog licences and provide advice on microchipping.
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Food safety

We provide a range of regulatory services to both provide advice to businesses and residents in the city and to enforce legislation as needed. These services include food safety and a free safety and environmental advice service for businesses
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Housing standards

We help protect residents by upholding tenancy laws and ensuring housing in the city is fit for habitation. They do this through regular inspections and by issuing certificates of fitness.
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Pest control

Our pest control service can help you get rid of rats, mice, fleas, flies and cockroaches and is available free to domestic householders living within the council area.
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Pollution control

Our Environmental Protection Unit works to protect the city from noise, smoke and other types of pollution. They also work closely with the planning service to ensure any new developments do not negatively affect the city or the residents.
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