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How rates are used - Investment Programme

This page shows more detail of how much we spend in this service area.


Local projects £2,766,595
Major projects £13,368,901

Local projects

The Belfast Investment Fund is designed to support partnership projects across the city which will have a substantial regenerative impact and will bring major benefit to the city.

To date £16m has been spent on four iconic projects – Titanic Belfast, Connswater Community Greenway, the MAC and the Lyric. The council provides £2.7m per year of financing for the Belfast Investment Fund.

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Major projects

The capital programme is a programme of works which either improves existing facilities or provides new facilities. The capital programme is used to manage a range of projects from refurbishment of leisure centres to the provision of new bin lorries to the development of pitches across the city.

The following are examples of projects included in the councils current capital programme:

  • The Mary Peters Track (£3m)
  • Woodvale Park (£1.6m)
  • Dunville Park (£1.9m)
  • Fleet Provision (£2.0m)
  • Alleygates (£700k)
  • Urban Broadband (£16.7m)

The Council provides over £13m of financing annually to support the capital programme.