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How we use your rates - Leisure

This page shows more detail of how much we spend in this service area.


Leisure centres £11,512,605
Leisure and development £3,855,384
Parks and Open Spaces £11,155,625
Playing fields £1,517,165

Leisure Centres

This includes the provision of 10 leisure centres across the city, promoting participation for all and shared space for all and providing value for money. The provision of leisure services is currently under review and the next phases will explore opportunities to integrate leisure services with other public services.
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Leisure Development

Leisure and Sports Development includes club development and providing funding across the city
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Parks & open spaces

We are responsible for 48 parks and open space, 79 playgrounds, 12 bowling pavilions, 1 international rose garden, 8 community gardens, Bridges Urban Skatepark and Biodiversity and Countryside access.
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Playing fields

We are responsible for Mary Peter’s Track, 135 sports pitches, 8 outdoor gyms and 1 golf course
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