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How to get the best out of social media

Date: 16 May 2019
Time: 9.30am–12.30pm
Venue: Conference Room, Social Economy Village, Work West, 1B Hannahstown Hill, Belfast BT17 0XS

Come along to this workshop and learn how to use social media effectively to reach your target audience and customers.   

The workshop aims to cover:

  • types of social media
  • social media trends
  • audience
  • which platform is right for you

By the end of this workshop, you will learn how to:

  • tackle social media as an organisation through:
    • planning
    • setting goals
    • developing processes
  • develop great content and tell your story, engage your audience and build followers
  • measure and improve your efforts

 To attend this event, please complete the registration form.

Laptop and mobile phone