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Dementia is everybody’s business

Date: 17 Oct 2019
Time: 8.30am – 10am (Breakfast served 8.30am - 9am)
Venue: Belfast City Hall (followed by optional tour of Belfast City Hall)

Find out why it makes good business sense to become dementia-friendly and how best to support your staff members and customers.

Becoming a dementia-friendly organisation is not just a socially responsible step – it can also benefit business. There’s a clear economic case for supporting people with dementia to use services and facilities.

We want retailers and businesses within Belfast city centre to commit to taking action on dementia by increasing their staff members’ knowledge and awareness, organising a dementia friendly environmental audit of their premises, or introducing measures to support staff members and customers who may be navigating the dementia journey.

The "Dementia is everybody’s business!" event will present the business case behind why the city centre should work to become dementia friendly and we’ll also hear from local people living with dementia on what a dementia friendly city centre means to them.

A person standing in front of a shop window