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Creating and Editing Innovative Video Content Masterclass

Date: 5 Mar 2020
Venue: The Innovation Factory

A comprehensive training program on video creation, through to marketing for business owners large and small.

Video Marketing is the most effective way to market your business today. If you’re not marketing using video, your competitors are and winning! What did you see in your feed on your social channels today - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn? How much of that content was video?

If you’re already using video marketing - excellent. But are you getting the best return on investment from each video?

We’ll cover:

  • Video Strategy - what should you be doing and how to create your video marketing plan.
  • Video Creation - how to create videos quickly using free and paid tools.
  • Video Editing Tips – how to make your video professional.
  • Marketing Video - even more important than the creation!

And you’ll have an opportunity to ask any specific questions related to your business video marketing.

The Innovation Factory manages bookings fot this event. For more information and to register go to Eventbrite.

Video workshop.