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*Cancelled* - Product Design and Prototyping Masterclass

Date: 12 Mar 2020
Venue: The Innovation Factory

Coronavirus update

As a precautionary measure in response to Coronavirus, our events are cancelled until further notice.

This masterclass will focus on how to develop a new product and bring it through the design and prototyping process to production.

Strategic product design is key to delivering a product that is superior to competitors, or better than what’s currently available in terms of market appeal and performance.

Through focusing on the aesthetics of a product, its functions and performance a business can drive new product development with the ultimate outcome of creating compelling, customer focused product solutions.Good product design and prototyping also serves technical purposes such as documentation for production, new technologies, or Intellectual Property.

We’ll focus on the following areas of product development and prototyping:

  • establishing a design brief
  • engaging a product designer
  • identifying your project stakeholders
  • the product design process
  • the value of Prototyping
  • available technologies
  • 3D printing
  • a production ready product

The Innovation Factory manages bookings for this event. For more information and to register go to Eventbrite.

Product design.