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Output Belfast 2019: live music line up

Date: 21 Feb 2019
Time: 8pm until late
Venue: various

The spotlight will shine on some of Northern Ireland’s most exciting new artists with a series of free gigs, as part of Output Belfast music conference and showcase 2019. The live showcases will take place at various venues across the city centre.

The full schedule is detailed below:

Duke of York upstairs
8.30pm - 9pm Pat Dam Smyth
9.30pm - 10pm The Eskies
10.30pm - 11pm Beauty Sleep
11.30pm - 12 midnight The Wood Burning Savages


Duke of York back bar
8pm - 8.30pm Josh Gray
9pm - 9.30pm XO MO
10pm - 10.30pm 1000 Beasts
11pm - 11.30pm True Tides


The Dirty Onion
8.15pm - 8.45pm Arvo Party
9.15pm - 9.45pm CATALAN!
10.15pm - 10.45pm Orchid Collective
11.15pm - 11.45pm A Bad Cavalier


Start Together Studio
8pm - 8.20pm Reevah
9pm - 9.20pm Kitt Philippa
10pm - 10.20pm David C Clements
11pm - 11.20pm Queen Bonobo


Oh Yeah Centre
8.30pm - 9pm Dena Anuk$a
9.30pm - 10pm Tanjier
10.30pm - 11pm Hot Cops
11.30pm - 12 midnight Wynona Bleach


39 Gordon Street
8.15pm – 8.45pm Vokxen
9.15pm - 9.45pm Cormac Neeson
10.15pm - 10.45pm Amy Montgomery
11.15pm - 11.45pm No Oil Paintings


Bullitt Courtyard
8.30pm - 9pm LARKS
9.30pm - 10pm Problem Patterns
10.30pm - 11pm Gender Chores
11.30pm - 12am Hex Hue


Bullitt Lobby
8pm - 8.30pm Tim Chadwick
9pm - 9.30pm Vulpynes
10am - 10.30pm Ex-Isles
11am - 11.30pm Blue Whale


Babel Rooftop
8.15pm - 8.45pm Nnic
9.15pm - 9.45pm Rebekah Fitch
10.15pm - 10.45pm Sick Love
11.15pm - 11.45pm Cherym


The Spaniard
8.15pm - 8.45pm Gemma Bradley
9.15pm - 9.45pm Benjamin Hamilton
10.15pm - 10.45pm Ciaran Lavery
11.15pm - 11.45pm Peter J McCauley


Output Belfast conference

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Output Belfast 2019

Free to attend