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Sir Robert Salisbury: The Field Of Dreams

Date: 15 Jun 2018
Time: 1pm
Venue: Palm House, Botanic Gardens

When Sir Robert Salisbury and his wife Rosemary were nearing retirement, they moved back to County Tyrone from Nottinghamshire, bought a fifteen-acre site and started to build a house. ‘It was when we first spent time on the land we now owned that Rosemary asked whether I noticed anything odd. Eventually I gave up. “There is no birdsong,” she said, “In terms of wildlife, this land is absolutely barren.”

Join Robert in the beautiful setting of the Botanic Gardens Palm House to learn of the inspiring story of how he and Rosemary, both enthusiastic gardeners, transformed an unloved rural wasteland into a thriving, renowned wildlife garden - home to lapwings, hares, yellowhammers, otters, bats and many other species that hadn't been seen in the area for many, many years.

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Tropical Ravine

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