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New masterclass: Making money from your intellectual property

Date: 13 Sep 2018
Time: 8.30am-12noon
Venue: Innovation Factory, Belfast

The new masterclass: making money from your intellectual property, delivered by Innovation Factory, aims to help you identify your intellectual property (IP) and release the money earning potential from these lucrative, intangible and often overlooked assets.

This free event will explore the different types of IP and the best way of protecting them, before examining the different ways in which these assets can be used to increase your company’s revenue.

What will I take away from this?

  • an understanding of what IP is
  • an understanding of what IP you may hold
  • how you can monetise your IP through
    • research and development tax credits
    • patent box
    • funding
    • contracts and licences.

Who should attend?

  • business owners
  • directors and managers
  • financial officers of companies which are involved in the creation of new, or improvement of existing, products
  • those which carry out research and development.

To attend, please register your place on the Eventbrite website.

Making money from your intellectual property

Free to attend