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Pre Market Engagement / Information Session - T1902 Tender for the delivery of the Belfast Full Fibre Programme – Anchor Tenancy

Date: 3 Aug 2018
Venue: 9 Adelaide Street Belfast, BT2 8DJ

Belfast was officially announced as one of 13 cities to receive an award from the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport’s Local Full Fibre Network Programme. 

The project, led by Belfast City Council, recognises that the provision of quality, reliable high-speed connectivity is a necessity for a 21st century economy and society. As a result, the Council is seeking to future proof its network connectivity requirements for the next 20 to 25 years through the installation of gigabit capable network services through Public Sector Anchor Tenancy (PSAT) and Public Sector Asset Reuse (PSAR) projects. This PIN is in relation to the PSAT project. 

Through the PSAT approach, the Council intends to procure flexible gigabit connectivity services as an anchor tenant across its entire estate, through the long-term right of use to dark fibre. The PSAT infrastructure will consist of ducting and fibre optic cables connecting key locations across the city that can then be made available to Belfast City Council and any delivery partner as a service, when and where required. The Council intends to assume prime responsibility for the installation and maintenance of active equipment used on its own network, and the ongoing provision of managed services – however, the Council reserves the right to use one or more Service Providers to provide either or both functions in the future. The Council at this stage is open to the possibility of a multi-supplier Framework Agreement that can be accessed by Belfast City Council and other public sector bodies. 

The Council has appointed FarrPoint to provide support throughout the PSAT LFFN procurement. 

The council is holding a Supplier Market Engagement Day to be held at the Council offices (9 Adelaide Street Belfast, BT2 8DJ) on Friday 3 August from 09.30am – 11.45am

The Council shall host one on one sessions from 11.45am to 1.15pm. These sessions will be conducted to the same agenda with each organisation given equal access time to the Council.

Anyone interested in attending the session is requested to register by emailing Suzanne Clarke as early as possible.
Pre Market Engagement