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World’s Largest Human Poppy

Date: 18 Aug 2018
Time: 10am - 12 noon
Venue: Sydenham Road

You can become a record breaker by participating in the attempt to form the world’s largest human poppy. 

Participants will assemble at the Sydenham Road.  The Guinness Book of Records will be present to adjudicate and record numbers entering the site, then everyone taking part will be issued with a red or black waterproof poncho. 

Marshalls will guide participants into the poppy shape and an aerial photograph will capture this living, human artwork which will put Belfast on the map. 

The current world record is held by China and we need 3,000 volunteers to become the new record holders. 

This event is taking place as part of a series of events to commemorate the centenary of Armistice 11.11.18 as Belfast remembers those who died during World War 1.

Please pre-register your attendance by emailing

Participants must be over 16.  Children are welcome to attend but they must be supervised by an adult.  Under 16s will not be able to form part of the poppy due to Guinness Book of Records regulations.



Suitable for over 16s