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EPiC (Enterprise Promotion in Communities) sessions

Date: 12 Sep 2018 - 20 Sep 2018
Time: 11am - 1pm
Venue: Various

Are you are interested in becoming self-employed?

Do you run an existing business and are keen to grow?

Come along and hear the fascinating stories behind some of the city’s best and brightest businesses.

Each EPiC session features a local entrepreneur who will talk about how they got started and the journey they undertook for growth.  These inspirational stories will address the questions aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners face, including:

  • How do I get the confidence to take the first step into business?
  • How do I know my idea will work?
  • Where can I get the money to start or grow my business?
  • Who can I talk to for advice and support?

This is the first series of enterprise events delivered in community settings throughout Belfast.

To attend, please complete the online registration form for your preferred session. 

Venue Date Time Registration form
Highfield Community Centre  Wednesday 12 September  11am - 1pm Highfield registration form
Ardoyne Community Centre Thursday 13 September 11am - 1pm Ardoyne registration form
Short Strand Community Centre Wednesday 19 September 11am - 1pm Short strand registration form
Sandy Row Community Centre Thursday 20 September 11am - 1pm Sandy Row registration form




EPIC sessions