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BEN – Social Media vs Website

Date: 18 Oct 2018
Time: 5.30pm - 7.30pm
Venue: Titanic Hotel

BEN works to bring local businesses together, in an informal environment, to help create new contacts, create new and exciting business opportunities, generate, and share business ideas.

Come along to the next free BEN event, where Louise Brogan from Social Bee NI will discuss the topic of Social Media Vs Website.

This event will:

  • Teach entrepreneurs why businesses need social media and a website
  • Highlight the importance of having a social media strategy
  • Identify clients
  • Identify the best social media platforms to use
  • And how to plan.

About Louise Brogan, Social Bee NI

Louise helps entrepreneurs and small business owners use online marketing to grow their businesses. 

Louise runs local workshops, takes one-to-one training, and has a thriving business helping entrepreneurs and professionals with social media to raise their visibility and profile online. Louise is one of 20 officially accredited #SheMeansBusiness trainers for Facebook UK and Enterprise Nation and holds monthly meetups for female founders.

Louise has a weekly podcast, the ‘Social Bee Podcast’ where she interviews women entrepreneurs who talk about their business journey so far, and how they deal with challenges and issues in business.

To attend this event, please complete the online registration form.

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