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Workshop: Business planning – Navigating the Social Enterprise journey

Date: 27 Sep 2018
Time: 9.30am – 12.30pm
Venue: Social Economy Village, 1b Hannahstown Hill, Belfast, BT17 0XS

If you have recently set up a social enterprise or cooperative this workshop will equip you with knowledge to navigate your social enterprise or cooperative journey.

This programme aims to cover the following:

  • Benefits of business and financial planning 
  • Planning your business journey using the Go Social ‘journey planner’ business model canvas
  • How to structure your business case:
    • Your social value proposition 
    • Researching your markets – customers and competitors
    • Get your name in lights – marketing and promotion 
    • Keeping on the straight and narrow – knowing your risks and legal responsibilities 
    • Financial planning (snapshot)
  • Measuring and showcasing your successes

To book your place, please complete the registration form.

People at a business meeting