Belfast Events Upcoming events in Belfast over the next 14 days Copyright (c) Belfast City Council. All rights reserved. en 1440 <![CDATA[Christmas in the Park]]> <![CDATA[Irish Cultural and Linguistic Experience]]> <![CDATA[DiverseCity: Indian Community Centre]]> <![CDATA[DiverseCity: Discover Ulster-Scots, History and Cultural Experience]]> <![CDATA[Look Closer – Macro Botanical Art]]> <![CDATA[DiverseCity: Visit to Belfast Jewish Synagogue]]> <![CDATA[Fungal Foray]]> <![CDATA[DiverseCity: Visit to Belfast Islamic Centre]]> <![CDATA[Decades of Centenaries – Europe after World War 1, the Spanish flu pandemic]]> <![CDATA[Age-Friendly Belfast tea dance]]> <![CDATA[DiverseCity: Clifton Street Orange Hall]]> <![CDATA[Cave Hill by night]]> <![CDATA[DiverseCity: Facilitated tour of Milltown Cemetery]]> <![CDATA[Deep RiverRock Belfast City Half Marathon]]> <![CDATA[The archaeology of Cave Hill]]> <![CDATA[DiverseCity: Living Library]]> <![CDATA[Music in the Parks Grand Finale Band Concert]]> <![CDATA[Proms in the Park Northern Ireland]]> <![CDATA[Bats of Cave Hill]]> <![CDATA[Belfast Mela 2019]]> <![CDATA[Forage on Cave Hill]]> <![CDATA[Bring your grandparents to the park]]> <![CDATA[Dogs Trust Community Event]]> <![CDATA[A walk in no ordinary park]]> <![CDATA[Look Closer – Macro Botanical Art]]> <![CDATA[City Cemetery heritage open day]]> <![CDATA[Belfast International Athletics Meet]]> <![CDATA[City Cemetery 150th anniversary guided tours]]> <![CDATA[Edenderry Village Fair 2019]]> <![CDATA[Music in Drumglass]]> <![CDATA[A walk in the park]]> <![CDATA[The flora of Cave Hill]]> <![CDATA[Bumblebee Safari]]> <![CDATA[Lark in the Park 2019]]> <![CDATA[Fun Day at Orangefield Play Park]]> <![CDATA[Digital day at Morton Community Centre]]> <![CDATA[Cooke Collegians Mela 2019]]> <![CDATA[Teddy Bears picnic]]> <![CDATA[Community Fun Day 2019]]> <![CDATA[International Community Picnic]]> <![CDATA[Solstice walk]]> <![CDATA[Live at Botanic Gardens 2019]]> <![CDATA[Building a Skilled Workforce for the Belfast Transport Hub]]> <![CDATA[Summer wildflower walk]]> <![CDATA[Yes You Can Imagine It bootcamp]]> <![CDATA[Teddy Bear's picnic]]> <![CDATA[DiverseCity: Refugee and Arabic Cultural Information Session]]> <![CDATA[Be More Connected]]> <![CDATA[Social media – be more connected for free]]> <![CDATA[Emma Wallace and friends 'In the round']]> <![CDATA[Nashville in Belfast cookery demos]]> <![CDATA[West Belfast Asian Carnival]]> <![CDATA[Sing! Belfast]]> <![CDATA[The Last Supper and Songfest]]> <![CDATA[John T Davis: Heart On The Line]]> <![CDATA[The Country Bears film and music workshop]]> <![CDATA[Belfast Book Festival]]> <![CDATA[A bug bonanza]]> <![CDATA[Perfect Pitch networking session]]> <![CDATA[Access to Finance conference]]> <![CDATA[Fountain Folk Session]]> <![CDATA[The Rising, Niamh McGlinchey, Katee Kross and The Amberjax]]> <![CDATA[Other Voices Belfast]]> <![CDATA[Sisters in Song]]> <![CDATA[Sister City Summer Songwriters’ Symposium]]> <![CDATA[Jessica Pearson and the East Wind]]> <![CDATA[The Nashville experience at Deane's]]> <![CDATA[A walk on Divis]]> <![CDATA[Summer in the Sister City]]> <![CDATA[Andrew Jackson: the first Scotch-Irish President]]> <![CDATA[Doc Fest Ireland 2019]]> <![CDATA[Nashville in Belfast 2019]]> <![CDATA[Belsonic 2019 at Ormeau Park]]> <![CDATA[DiverseCity: Cultural Competence Workshop]]> <![CDATA[Explore your Irish and Scots-Irish ancestors]]> <![CDATA[Summer Fayre]]> <![CDATA[Jazz in the Park]]> <![CDATA[Belfast Photo Festival]]> <![CDATA[Eco Education Event 2019]]> <![CDATA[DiverseCity: Facilitated tour of the National Football Stadium at Windsor Park]]> <![CDATA[Women’s Work Festival]]> <![CDATA[The Slipped Disco]]> <![CDATA[The Big Lunch - Mad Hatter's Tea Party]]> <![CDATA[What’s on this June at St George’s Market?]]> <![CDATA[How does it feel to be here? - public art engagement]]> <![CDATA[AVA conference – for the creative industries]]> <![CDATA[Social in the city]]> <![CDATA[Strategy for Small Businesses workshop]]> <![CDATA[Cancelled: Decades of Centenaries – Labour must wait]]> <![CDATA[Future of Work Solutions summit]]> <![CDATA[A City Imagining - Public consultation workshops]]> <![CDATA[Odyssey Cinema presents Finding Nemo (u) and the Little Mermaid (u)]]> <![CDATA[Under the Lagan Weir Tours - SOLD OUT]]> <![CDATA[Guided Walk]]> <![CDATA[The Brickie]]> <![CDATA[Music in the Parks]]> <![CDATA[Lagan Boat Company presents: Titanic Cruise]]> <![CDATA[Bryson LaganSports]]> <![CDATA[Far and Wild presents yoga on the River Lagan]]> <![CDATA[Sailortown programme of events]]>