Belfast Events Upcoming events in Belfast over the next 14 days Copyright (c) Belfast City Council. All rights reserved. en 1440 <![CDATA[DiverseCity: Irish Cultural and Linguistic Experience]]> <![CDATA[DiverseCity: Discover Ulster-Scots, History and Cultural Experience]]> <![CDATA[DiverseCity: Visit to Belfast Islamic Centre]]> <![CDATA[DiverseCity: Visit to Belfast Jewish Synagogue]]> <![CDATA[DiverseCity: Visit to Clifton Street Orange Hall]]> <![CDATA[Tea dance]]> <![CDATA[DiverseCity: Cultural Competence Workshop]]> <![CDATA[DiverseCity: Living Library]]> <![CDATA[DiverseCity: Visit to Milltown Cemetery]]> <![CDATA[Imagine It]]> <![CDATA[DiverseCity: Visit to Shankill Methodist Church]]> <![CDATA[Bring your grandparents to the park]]> <![CDATA[A Vintage Fete]]> <![CDATA[Teddy Bears' picnic]]> <![CDATA[Family Activity Day]]> <![CDATA[An evening of Sports and Games]]> <![CDATA[DiverseCity: Refugee and Arabic Cultural Information Session]]> <![CDATA[The Big Lunch]]> <![CDATA[DiverseCity: Visit to City Cemetery]]> <![CDATA[DiverseCity: Stories of Muslim Women Living in Belfast]]> <![CDATA[Circus in the Park]]> <![CDATA[DiverseCity: The Bonfire Tradition]]> <![CDATA[Lord Mayor’s Charity Fun Day for Northern Ireland’s Children’s Hospice]]> <![CDATA[Sunset movie night - 'The Greatest Showman']]> <![CDATA[DiverseCity: Guided walking tour of Murals and Peace Walls]]> <![CDATA[Teddy Bears' picnic]]> <![CDATA[DiverseCity: Gaelic Bus Tour of East Belfast]]> <![CDATA[Deep RiverRock Belfast City Marathon 2020]]> <![CDATA[Decade of Centenaries Conference: Recalling the events of 1920]]> <![CDATA[Easter Tea Dance]]> <![CDATA[DiverseCity: An Introduction to Sexual Orientation and Gender]]> <![CDATA[Ciclovia Belfast 2020]]> <![CDATA[Beginner's Guide to Social Media]]> <![CDATA[Explore it programme]]> <![CDATA[St Patrick's Day Carnival Parade and Concert]]> <![CDATA[The Spar Craic 10k]]> <![CDATA[Product Design and Prototyping Masterclass]]> <![CDATA[Beginner's Guide to Search Engine Optimisation]]> <![CDATA[The Story Strategy Traction (SST) Lab]]> <![CDATA[DiverseCity: Visit to Clonard Monastery]]> <![CDATA[Doing Well and Doing Good – Leaders who Build Businesses that Change Lives]]> <![CDATA[Creating and Editing Innovative Video Content Masterclass]]> <![CDATA[The Story Strategy Traction (SST) Lab]]> <![CDATA[Remembering Srebrenica]]> <![CDATA[The Management and Leadership Summit 2020]]> <![CDATA[‘All About Coffee’ workshop]]> <![CDATA[No Place for Hate conference]]> <![CDATA[Yes You Can Networking event]]> <![CDATA[DiverseCity: Visit to Belfast Islamic Centre]]> <![CDATA[Sales skills for the apprehensive]]> <![CDATA[Indoor Tropicals]]> <![CDATA[Tendering workshop]]> <![CDATA[NoCode Masterclass]]> <![CDATA[DiverseCity: Visit to Ballynafeigh Orange Hall]]> <![CDATA[Output Belfast 2020]]> <![CDATA[EU Settlement Scheme advice clinic]]> <![CDATA[Tell your best brand story]]> <![CDATA[Age friendly Belfast – Be prepared!]]> <![CDATA[The Importance of Product Market Fit]]> <![CDATA[Wellbeing for your team]]> <![CDATA[*Fully booked* Holocaust Memorial Day 2020]]> <![CDATA[DiverseCity: Visit to Belfast Jewish Synagogue]]> <![CDATA[Digital FixIT surgeries - fully booked]]> <![CDATA[Startup Fundamentals]]> <![CDATA[Putting you first consultation drop-in sessions]]> <![CDATA[Kick off your Business Idea in 2020]]> <![CDATA[Wellness Lounge: Your Wellness, Money, Benefits and Consumer Rights]]> <![CDATA[Friendship Ice Hockey Series]]> <![CDATA[ParkLife clubs: January - Midwinter in the park]]> <![CDATA[Music at St Georges Market January 2020]]> <![CDATA[Out to Lunch Festival]]> <![CDATA[Soda and Champ and the Christmas Dashers!]]> <![CDATA[Soda and Champ's Den Monday 23 December]]> <![CDATA[Soda and Champ Puppet-making Workshop]]> <![CDATA[Soda and Champ's Den Culture Day Takeover]]> <![CDATA[CoderDojo sessions]]> <![CDATA[Soda and Champ's Den Friday 20 December]]> <![CDATA[St George's Market Christmas Food and Gift Fair]]> <![CDATA[Soda and Champ's Den Thursday 19 December]]> <![CDATA[Rewilding Winter Cabaret]]> <![CDATA[Soda and Champ's Den Wednesday 18 December]]> <![CDATA[Christmas Wreaths]]> <![CDATA[Soda and Champ: Balloon madness]]> <![CDATA[Soda and Champ Live]]> <![CDATA[Winter Circus in the Square]]> <![CDATA[The Campfire Sessions]]> <![CDATA[Art Unwrapped Exhibition Tour]]> <![CDATA[Belfast Warm and Well - information sessions]]> <![CDATA[A Wonderful Winter Busk Off]]> <![CDATA[2019 Northern Ireland Human Rights Festival]]> <![CDATA[Christmas in the Park at Cherryvale]]> <![CDATA[Belfast Music]]> <![CDATA[Website integration and Google Analytics analysis]]> <![CDATA[Irish Cultural and Linguistic Experience]]> <![CDATA[YENI Big Market]]> <![CDATA[Christmas crime prevention and safety event]]> <![CDATA[Christmas in Belfast]]> <![CDATA[What’s on this December at St George’s Market?]]> <![CDATA[Ballyhackamore Christmas Fun Day]]> <![CDATA[Choir singing at St George’s Market]]>