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Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon walking route


This route takes you through a former estate rich in horticultural and historic interest, on surfaced and grass paths with some hills.  

Distance 2.5 miles, 4 km
Average time to walk 1 hour 10 minutes - 1 hour - 20 minutes
Access by bus

Metro service 8A, 8B, 8C from City Hall. Get off at the junction of Upper Malone Road and Finaghy Road South. Walk along the Upper Malone Road for one mile to the start of the route.

Ulsterbus service 21 to Drumbeg from Europa bus station (Monday to Friday only).

Access by car Entrances signposted off the Upper Malone Road. Enter at lower car park.

Trail Route

Garden trail   

1.1 Miles / 1.8 km 

Starting at the upper car park, this short trail leads through the quaint Japanese Garden before passing to the right of Wilmont House. Continue along the lawn path before turning right towards the Golden Crown Fountain commissioned for the Queen’s Golden Jubilee. Walk along the perimeter of the walled garden (always on your left) before sweeping back up along Azalea Walk with the children’s playground on your right. Turn right at the T-junction, follow the path between the Yew Hedges to a crossroads where you can follow the orange waymarkers back to the upper car park.

Meadow trail

1.78 Miles / 2.9 km 

This trail begins at the lower car park and leads up the main drive with the children’s playground on your left. Passing Wilmont House (again on your left), the trail sweeps to the right over the stone bridge towards the gate lodge before turning left to follow the park perimeter. Look out for orchids, speedwells, clovers and hayrattle as you walk through the meadows. Turn left after the concrete bridge to make your way down to the

River Lagan where you will turn left again to follow the wide path back towards the lower car park and coffee shop.

Woodland trail

1.93 Miles / 3.1 km 

The woodland trail leaves the lower car park and follows the main drive with the children’s playground on your left before veering right to follow the park perimeter towards the upper car park. Take care when crossing over the vehicle entrance to the

upper car park and continue towards the gate lodge where you will join with the Meadow Trail. Enjoy the flora and fauna on offer through these meadows before turning right into more dense woodland after the concrete bridge at way marker 15. This section of woodland trail includes some steep climbs and descents however also offers splendid views over the entire park.

Things of Interest

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