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The Falls Masterplan

In 2012 we agreed to redevelop Falls Park to bring together and co-ordinate a range of projects to improve the park, the City Cemetery and the Whiterock area. The projects will offer better facilities for the community and make these areas more attractive, safe and welcoming for everyone.

The masterplan will see a total investment of around £6 million in this area.

Heritage project at the City Cemetery

With funding from the Heritage and Lottery Fund (NI)’s Parks for People Programme, we’d like to develop a programme to protect, enhance and promote the rich heritage of City Cemetery.

With the Heritage Lottery Fund funding we plan to:

  • restore key heritage assets
  • develop a community and education space
  • improve visitor amenities
  • enhance biodiversity
  • increase understanding of the site and its heritage
  • uncover hidden assets, such as the ‘underground wall’.

Falls Masterplan projects

The 14 projects agreed by the council in 2012 were:

  1. Whiterock Community Corridor
  2. 3G Hybrid Pitch and changing pavilion
  3. New Service Yard
  4. Redevelopment of Foxes Lodge
  5. Redevelopment of Falls Park Gate Lodge
  6. Commonwealth War Graves
  7. Plot Z1 Memorial
  8. Belfast Blitz memorial refurbishment in city cemetery
  9. Refurbishment of city cemetery office
  10. Completion of a sculpture “Forget me not”, sited in the centre of the cemetery
  11. Established a young adults area in Falls Park
  12. Refurbishment of a new playground in Falls Park
  13. New allotment site at Whiterock Leisure Centre, and a
  14. New community garden at Whiterock Leisure Centre.

We have also received funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund to conserve the heritage of the City Cemetery.

Completed projects

To date we have completed the following projects:

  1. Belfast Blitz memorial refurbishment in city cemetery
  2. Refurbishment of city cemetery office
  3. Completion of a sculpture “Forget me not”, sited in the centre of the cemetery
  4. Established a young adults area in Falls Park
  5. Refurbishment of a new playground in Falls Park
  6. New allotment site at Whiterock Leisure Centre
  7. New community garden at Whiterock Leisure Centre
  8. New playground at Whiterock Close.

For more information about these projects call us on 028 9027 0669 or email

The Falls Masterplan

Ongoing projects

3G pitch and changing pavilion

We’re building ten new changing pavilions and installing five new 3G artificial turf pitches at ten sports facilities across Belfast. Falls Park will benefit from a new 3G pitch and a four room changing pavilion.

We’re improving the quality of facilities at grassroots level, so it’s better for football players and clubs who enjoy regular football to complete fixtures and play games.

Benefits to Falls Park:

  • four room changing pavilion
  • 3G artificial turf hybrid pitch
  • pitch floodlighting 
  • street lighting for road layout and pathways
  • new road layout from Whiterock Close to the new changing pavilion.

The work on the changing pavilions and 3G pitches began on Monday 5 June 2017 and will take approximately 10 months to complete.

Plot Z1 Memorial 

Belfast City Council is planning to erect a permanent memorial at Plot Z1, also known as the ‘Baby Public Plot’, in the City Cemetery. The memorial will be in memory of up to 8,000 bodies buried on site, many of whom are stillborn babies or those who died shortly after birth.

As part of a wider consultation process, we have set up a focus group to help inform decisions taken by our elected members around this project.

Following a tender process we have appointed a sculptor to design and produce the memorial for Plot Z1. Once an outline design is produced, we will publish the design proposal, and invites comments on it, through our consultation hub.

If you have any queries, or require further information on the development of the memorial, please contact Claire Sullivan by calling 028 9091 8779 or email 

Open space improvements 

We have identified an opportunity to upgrade an open space in Falls Park, beside the Bowling Pavilion and behind the Gate Lodge. This space is often used to host events and is around one hectare in size.

The area suffered from inadequate drainage and got extremely waterlogged during periods of bad weather. By investing in this space we will improve drainage and provide a high quality, open space that's accessible for all park users, sports, and events.

Benefits to the park: 

  • improved drainage in this area
  • better durability with the introduction of fibre reinforced sand which can sustain high footfall, and 
  • improved accessibility for wheelchairs and prams due to re-shaping the slope.

Work is due to complete in early 2018.

Planned projects

Falls Park service yard

We need to create a new service yard to accommodate staff, equipment, tools and materials to manage Falls Park, the City Cemetery and the surrounding area.

The preferred location for the new service yard is at Falls Park west, an open space next to the rear of the houses at Ardmonagh Garden and next to the existing 3G pitches at Whiterock Leisure Centre.

Benefits of the service yard in Falls Park include:

  • most cost effective option
  • less planning restrictions than other locations
  • level land will facilitate construction
  • new road infrastructure in place to facilitate construction
  • easy access for service vehicles and close link to Whiterock Road, and 
  • the location will not have negative impact on any further development of the park.

A plan has been created for the service yard and we intend to submit a planning application.