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On the Right Track!

On the Right Track! is a new sports development programme which will create opportunities for young people and sports clubs to learn, share and play together.

The project is part of Belfast’s PEACE IV Action Plan, financed through the European Union and managed by the Special EU Programmes Body (SEUPB) and is designed to combine sport and good relations to maximise benefits to participants, clubs and community groups and promote peace and reconciliation.
On the right track is perfect for clubs that are trying to: 

  • grow their membership
  • develop new partnerships locally
  • educate young people and
  • upskill local leaders to deal with current issues.

On the Right Track! comprises of three distinct complimentary tracks – once your club has registered to take part in the programme as a whole, all three tracks will be available to you and your club members.

Track 1 – Participation
Track 2 – Club development
Track 3 – Personal Development for young champions

Track 1 – Participation

On the Right Track! will build lasting partnerships between sports clubs and community groups across the city. The Participation Track encourages partners to work collaboratively to deliver grass roots programmes to build resilience and encourage play within communities.

We need partner clubs, schools and community groups to recruit and engage young people and deliver this track. 

We will fund these partner clubs to deliver sports specific sessions for young people aged 13-16 years old, creating pathways to long-term participation and increasing the number of young people from different backgrounds who socialise and play sport together more often.

We will use an inspiring training provider to deliver workshops in equality, diversity and inclusion to participants and coaches, making sure peace and reconciliation issues are addressed, stereotypes are challenged and relationships are formed, improving relations now and in the future.

Below is a suggested schedule for Track 1.

On the Right Track!
Session Content  Duration 
Session 1 Induction to include icebreakers, baseline survey and sports session 4 hours 
Session 2  Equality, diversity and inclusion workshops and sports session 3 hours
Session 3 Equality, diversity ad inclusion workshops and sports session 3 hours
Session 4 Group activity – no training needed (fun activity) 5-6 hours
Session 5 Equality, diversity and inclusion workshops and sports session 3 hours
Session 6 Cross border residential and evaluation 10 hours

 Total duration of contact

28 hours 


Track 2 – Club development

Track 2 will upskill your coaches to deal with peace and reconciliation issues as a normal part of session delivery. This track will, ensure your club is prepared for the challenges faced within a mixed membership club in Belfast. Interesting and thought provoking training and practical skills will produce coaches who are confident in addressing underlying issues that present as problem behaviours. Our training will support coaches to address sectarianism, racism and sexism, mental health and become drivers for peace building in Belfast, long after you’ve reached the end of this Track.

Track 3 – Personal development for young champions

Our young champions will be young leaders or aspiring coaches aged 16 -24 years old from a community group or sports club. They will have a hunger to demonstrate and develop their leadership qualities. This track will motivate these young people to develop skills that will support their club and community to work collaboratively and deal with peace and reconciliation issues under the guidance of their club coaches and community leaders. Identifying and upskilling future leaders ensures our community has the skills required to implement change now and in the future.


We are delighted to confirm that full Programming costs for On the right track! will be funded under the Peace IV programme through SEUPB to an approximate sum of £15,000 per partnership.  

Getting on the start line

If this programme excites you and matches your ambition for youth programming or club development then register by requesting and returning an application form from or call 028 9027 0344 to arrange a meeting with Janine Crawford.

Once you’ve formally registered we will match your club with other groups in the programme to help build your partnership.

On the Right Track! Boxing Club Challenge – Virtual Marathon Relay

Olympic and Commonwealth boxing champion, Paddy Barnes, and two time World Champion boxer, Carl Frampton, have come together to challenge two local boxing clubs to a virtual running relay.

Kronk Amateur Boxing Club and Midland Amateur Boxing Club are committed to working together on a cross community basis with their teenage members to promote positive relations through the On the Right Track! PEACE IV funded programme. The clubs aim to:

  • show how boxing is a great way to get young people involved in sport, their local community and to keep an eye on their mental health
  • provide opportunities for members to see each other regularly and to build friendships

The two clubs will compete in a virtual relay marathon where participants go for a walk, jog, run or sprints. The distance they cover will be considered a ‘leg’ of the overall distance. Coaches in the clubs will identify an appropriate distance for members, based on their age and ability, which they will complete over a number of outings.

The virtual distance to be covered is from Carl’s training camp based in Manchester to Paddy’s home in Belfast; a total of 292 miles.

How to take part

This challenge is open to all young people from Kronk and Midland Amateur Boxing Clubs who participate in the PEACE IV cross community project, On the Right Track!

Starting at 6am on Monday 6 July, the clubs will have two weeks to complete the challenge. Coaches will be checking in on progress by recording and monitoring how hard each participant has worked to contribute to the overall distance. Carl and Paddy will also be on the lookout for participants who are making an extra effort and who are showing commitment and potential.

To get started:

  1. Use any free to download sports, health or fitness app which can record your walk, jog or sprint.
  2. Let your coach know that you want to take part.
  3. Each time you complete a run, walk or jog send your screenshot of the activity along with a picture taken of your efforts to your coach. 
  4. The coaches will post the best pictures to Facebook or Instagram, so look out for your pictures online.

The winning club will get a visit, including a meet and greet, from Paddy Barnes and Carl Frampton, and a team building day, once COVID-19 (coronoavirus) restrictions are lifted and it’s safe to do so.

Contact us
Sports development
028 9027 0344