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Boxing is a very successful sport in Belfast. The sport plays an important role in our communities for both elite performers and local members.

Our Amateur Boxing Strategy considers the role and development of amateur boxing in Belfast, and outlines our commitment to develop the sport.

If you want to join a club or get more information on Boxing, use our Belfast Clubmark club finder and search for boxing clubs.

Our role

We’ll be working on the following programmes:

Programme  Who's it for?   What does it involve?
Boxing events Everyone We're supporting County Antrim Boxing in facilitating events citywide to help develop boxers. So far we've supported seven events citywide, and we're planning to support even more events for clubs and boxers in Belfast.  

For event details, visit County Antrim Boxing's website
Schools coaching and schools clubs (non contact), plus community sessions Young people in schools and clubs We'll be developing programmes and linking children with their nearest club. Please contact us to find out how to book our boxing coaches who can provide structured sessions adapted to all ages and abilities. These sessions are free of charge.
Boxing-related fitness classes in our facilities Everyone Boxing is a great way to improve your health and physical fitness. For more information please call 028 9027 0344. 
New boxing clubs Everyone We'll establish new boxing clubs, where there is a demand, and support current boxing clubs.
Dedicated boxing coach and officials education programme People who are already involved in boxing We'll provide opportunities to support boxers and offer development opportunities to improve their performance.

Olympic Boxers

Contact us
Sports development
028 9032 0202 ext 3554
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