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Every Body Active 2020

Every Body Active 2020 Strand 1

We have secured £1.5 million of National Lottery Funding to deliver Sport Northern Ireland’s Every Body Active 2020 programme. 

The aim of Every Body Active 2020 encourages everyone to be more active, more often.

We want to increase the number of people taking part in sport and physical activity, especially among: 

  • women and girls
  • people with disabilities
  • people in areas of greatest social need

We want to help people to enjoy, engage and excel in sport.

EBA coronavirus (COVID-19) information

During coronavirus (COVID-19), our normal delivery has ceased. Our delivery partners are working to ensure that people are continuing to be more active more often, whilst following current government advice.

If you or any of your household is interested in some new physical activity ideas, check information provided by our programme partners and do not hesitate to get in touch with them. You can also contact our EBA Coordinator by emailing if you want any more information on any of the programmes.

Athletics NI

Contact Aaron McKendry at

You can also follow videos from ANI on Twitter:

They have also been creating two to three minute coaching and challenge videos that will be released weekly from 25 May on social media. These will be very appropriate for schools.

Basketball NI

Contact Andy Mulholland at 

Basketball NI have developed some helpful videos to improve your skills and fitness:

Colin Glen Trust 

Colin Glen Trust have posted resources on their Twitter. If you are interested in getting in touch with Colin Glen Trust after lockdown please contact 

Disability Sport NI (DSNI)

You can contact for one-on-one advice on staying active in lockdown.

Regular resources are being provided on DSNI’s Twitter and Facebook pages for all age groups and abilities.

They have also developed workout videos on YouTube. 

Irish Athletic Boxing Association

Contact Louise Welsh at

They also have range of excellent workout videos and boxing-related exercises on their Facebook

Irish Football Association

The IFA have some excellent resources from their Shooting Stars home activity challenges on their Twitter.

Irish Bowls Federation

You can contact Ian McClure at and Chris Mulholland at for more information.

The Irish Bowls Federation will be circulating videos on social media and they are keen for you to make contact with them if you are interested in any bowls-related activities.

Netball NI

Contact Amy McCleave at

You can email Amy for direct contact, for a direct session on Zoom, for sending activity videos and challenges or even to chat about what she can help you with.

You can try out some basic skills of netball following their ‘How to’ library

NNI have also created a playlist of At Home workouts

Ulster Badminton

Contact Kyle Dunn at 

Ulster Badminton have lots of excellent resources, videos and Facebook live Badminton sessions available on their Facebook and YouTube channel

Ulster Rugby

Ulster Rugby have excellent online resources and information available on their Twitter and Facebook

Ulster Squash

Contact Michele Jackson at or Josh McVeigh at

Ulster Squash are working on video resources to help you but are keen for you to get in contact if you want any specific help.

Ulster Tennis

Contact Sumeet Kapur at

There are a series of videos for different skill levels and progressions at Tennis Ireland's Tennis at Home web pages

More information

You can contact our Every Body Active 2020 Coordinator at or telephone 028 9032 0202.

Everybody being active in Belfast

Watch this video to see various sports played in Belfast.


We hope to see people try new activities, develop a new love for sport and physical activity, an increase in sports club membership and the development of new sections and new clubs across the city and across all sports.

Delivery partners

We ask all our delivery partners to follow our Everybody Active 2020 media kit when promoting any programmes or activities funded through this initiative.

Delivery partners must ensure the Sport NI in partnership with Belfast City Council logo is used on publicity materials and advertising.


If you need to access the Every Body Active branding or media kit please contact our Every Body Active 2020 Coordinator at or call 028 9032 0202.

When using the Belfast City Council logo, please follow the brand guidelines.

To find out more about Every Body Active 2020 in Belfast or to find out what’s going on near you, contact:

Every Body Active 2020 Coordinator
Belfast City Council
City and Neighbourhood Services Department
The Cecil Ward Building
4-10 Linenhall Street

Contact us
Sports Development
028 9027 0515
Sports Development
Cecil Ward Building
8-10 Linenhall Street