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Sports strategies

We develop strategies to develop sports and facilities.

Amateur Boxing Strategy 2012-2022

Boxing is a very successful sport for Belfast. And boxing clubs play an important role in the life of communities across Belfast, both for elite performers and local members.

We developed an Amateur Boxing Strategy in partnership with County Antrim Boxing, Ulster Boxing Council, Sport Northern Ireland and Irish Amateur Boxing Association. This strategy considers the role and development of amateur boxing in Belfast, and outlines our commitment to develop the sport.

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Playing Pitches Strategy

We manage and operate 128 sports pitches and playing fields in Belfast, spread across 28 sites throughout the city. We've developed a Playing Pitches Strategy to help make sure we continue to provide high-quality pitches which can be accessed by everyone.

The strategy is also part of our Investment Programme. We've set aside £14.1 million to improve facilities at ten sites across Belfast as well as a further £1 million from the GAA. 

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