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Ideas of living life to the full in Age-friendly Belfast
Immersive Belfast: Tourism challenge
Incident reporting
Including new communities
Indoor rowing
Information for businesses
Information for childminders
Information for developers
Information for suppliers
Information technology training
InLink Kiosk
Inner North West Masterplan
Innovation Factory
International Women's Day celebrations in City Hall
Introduction to Windows and IT Users Fundamentals
Inverary Community Centre
Investing in Belfast
Investment Programme 2012 - 2015
Investors in People
IT Training
IT Users Fundamentals
It’s child’s play for biggest ever Mela
ITT 32935 - ITT for lift maintenance services at various properties
ITT 32937 - ITT for Fabrication & Installation of Alley Gates & Associated Panelling
ITT 32971 - Design & Build Contractor for Colin Glen Toboggan Building & Ancillary Works
ITT 33015 - Tender for CCTV equipment at Duncrue Complex and City Hall
ITT 33016 - Tender for Integrated Consultant Team (ICT) – Strand Art's Centre
ITT 33018 - ITT for the Commission of a Figurative Memorial Sculpture at City Cemetery
ITT 33046 - Design and build contractor for Colin Park 3G Pitch and Dome
ITT 33114 - Tender for Lift repairs and maintenance at various Council properties
ITT 33161 - Tender for provision and supply of floodlighting at Dundela Football Club
ITT 33177 - St. Comgall's Enabling Works (including Asbestos Removal)
ITT 33198 - Tender for Repair, installation, filling and removal of Belfast Beacons 2018
ITT 33275 - Tender for CCTV door access and public address systems repairs and maintenance
ITT 33286 - Tender for Taughmonagh Loose and Fixed Gym Equipment
ITT 33317 - Tender for Roof and Facade refurbishment of Cregagh Sports Club
ITT 33324 - Tender for ICT for Professional Advice at Landfill site at North Foreshore, Belfast
ITT32936 - Contractor for Colin Glen Driving Range Improvements