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Race is on for Belfast Sports Awards 2019 nominations
RADAR keys
Rates convergence scheme
Rates for 2014-2015
Rates for 2015 - 2016
Rates for 2016 - 2017
Rates for 2018 - 2019
Rates for 2019 - 2020
Record-breaking, fun-filled basketball weekend for Belfast
Recycle week
Recycling box scheme
Recycling centres
Recycling efforts of residents recognised in reducing carbon dioxide emissions
Red Bull Formula 1 to roar into Belfast this November
Red Panda found
Reflections Coffee Shop
Regional Contacts Directory
Regional partners go to Westminster to unlock the Belfast Region City Deal
Regional Planning Policy
Register a birth
Register a complaint
Register a food business
Register a keyholder
Register with us
Remember Together programme
Renewing the Routes
Report a lost, stray or stolen dog
Report a noise problem
Report a problem with your bin
Report a street cleaning issue
Report an animal welfare issue
Report antisocial behaviour
Report reveals significant investment and development in Belfast
Request a copy
Request help with your bin collection
Re-rating inspection
Research and evaluation
Research reveals future potential of Connswater Community Greenway
Residents asked for their views on future of city’s waste
Resilience Programme - supporting change in the arts
Resilient Belfast
Restoration of the Tropical Ravine
Rev. Robert Bradford play park
Ride on Belfast celebrates Bike Week at City Hall
Right of reply
Road closure applications
Road closures
Roselawn Cemetery
Roselawn Cemetery and City of Belfast Crematorium bus service
Roses and fashion will be blossoming at this weekend’s Summer Rose Fair
Run-away success at Belfast City Council’s Primary Schools Cross Country Championships
Rural Needs Act (NI) 2016