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Pilot cash flow facility

Please note: this facility is currently unavailable. The position will be reviewed in April 2019.

Belfast City Council has established a facility, on a pilot basis, to enable one-off arts and festival events in the city to be cash flowed.

The total cash flow facility available for all events at any one time during the pilot is limited to £600,000.
Proposals from Arts and Cultural Organisations who are currently funded through the Council’s other grants scheme can be considered for support.

Any proposal will be subject to a due diligence assessment which will include an assessment of financial risk and an assessment of the contribution of the event to the artistic and cultural life of the City.

Any successful proposal will be subject to the specific legal agreement(s) between the Council, the Organisation and, if appropriate, related third parties. Specific events insurance requirements stipulated by the Council must also be met. For these reasons it is envisaged that only major event proposals will be considered during the pilot period.

If you would like to discuss an initial proposal or require further information please email with your contact telephone details and we will respond to you.