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Art Affects

The arts make Belfast a better place to live in, work in and visit, increasing our quality of life and adding to the economy. But how? And by how much?

In 2013 we commissioned Art affects, an outcomes framework to identify the benefits that arts bring to the city. Over 125 people from 80 different organisations were involved in this research. 

What are the outcomes of the arts?

An outcome is a statement of a result or of a change you want to make that most people would consider to be a good thing. Usually outcome statements include a word that indicates positive change, such as better, increase or more, or sometimes maintain or continue.

For example:

  • artists will make better art
  • people will feel more pride in their city
  • our participants will feel better able to make changes in their lives.

The first stage of the development of Art affects was to identify the 59 different areas arts can have an impact on.

What it means for arts in Belfast

We ask cultural organisations that we fund to use the Art affects research to:

  • identify the outcomes they hope to deliver
  • identify which outcomes they will collect evidence for
  • identify what evidence they will collect, when and how
  • report back on their findings and their experience of the process.
  • We’ll gather this information, publish it and use it to inform future policy and funding.