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Belfast Visual Arts Forum

The Belfast Visual Arts Forum was established in 2014 to promote and celebrate Belfast as "a city where visual arts can be embraced and enjoyed by all".

The Forum currently has over 70 members with a broad range of interests plus key stakeholders, including us, Audiences NI and the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.

It meets bimonthly to share information and discuss strategic and citywide issues.

Belfast Art Map

The Visual Arts Forum recently produced and distributed the Belfast Art Map which is available to download from

Aims of the forum

  • to foster and create partnerships between visual arts organisations within Belfast
  • to foster and create partnerships between visual arts organisations and other appropriate agencies
  • to promote access to the visual arts throughout the city
  • to provide a voice for the visual arts sector
  • to ensure that members are well briefed and informed about current developments and opportunities in the city
  • to explore new and alternative avenues of funding for the sector
  • to promote the visual arts and the activities of the Belfast Visual Arts Forum through appropriate media
  • to work in partnership with Belfast City Council and other visual arts
  • supporting organisations to maximise effectiveness and to create a strong and dynamic visual arts infrastructure throughout the city
  • to encourage new ideas, particularly those which explore ways of working that foster collaboration and partnership.

Key areas of activity

  • Education and training
  • Sharing and collaboration
  • Building upon an evidence base and research
  • Promoting, lobby and advocacy
  • Access and participation
  • Engagement and encouragement
  • Networking and communication

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Belfast Visual Arts Forum, or would simply like to be informed, please contact us on

Contact us
Tourism, culture and arts
028 9027 0426
Development Department
Cecil Ward Building
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