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Whether you're visiting with friends or spending time with family, Malone House makes the ideal base for a great day out. 

Barnett Demesne

Barnett Demesne, the parkland which Malone House is situated in, was once a private estate but opened to the public in 1951. Today, the award-winning park retains much of the character of the original estate and is home to the Mountain Bike Trails and Jump Park.

Barnett Demesne is also popular with walkers and joggers due to its proximity to the River Lagan, Shaw's Bridge and nearby Clement Wilson Park. The park also includes eco-trails, orienteering routes and a children's playground.

Download walking route for Barnett Demesne (PDF - 1.47MB)

Public art

Malone House and Barnett Demesne are home to several impressive pieces of public art, many of which have been funded by Belfast City Council.

The sculptures include:

  • Owl by Niall Timmins
  • Creature by Amanda Montgomery
  • Love Seat by Owen Crawford
  • Oak Throne by Ned Jackson Smyth
  • Loss by Jane Mortimer
  • Frog on a Log by Niall Timmins
  • Oak Figures by Owen Crawford
  • Ash Pole by Scott Butt
  • Lizard by Niall Timmins

The pieces are located around the grounds of Malone House and are free to view. See how many you can spot on your next visit.

Find out more about public art projects in Belfast

Higgin Gallery

The Higgin Gallery, located on the first floor of Malone House, is the ideal place to browse work by local artists.

It's open everyday from 9am to 5pm. The gallery hosts monthly exhibitions, including work from art societies and associations, as well as solo artists.

Admission is free. For more information, call Malone House on 028 9068 1246.

Photo gallery

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