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Barnett Restaurant

Relax in the elegant surroundings of Barnett Restaurant, where you can choose from a range of mouth-watering menus.

To book a table, call us on 028 9068 1246.

Opening hours

   Monday to Sunday
 Barnett Restaurant  12 noon - 3.30pm
 Malone Room  9am - 4.30pm


    There's something to suit all tastes, and we use fresh, local produce to create innovative and modern dishes.

    Menu  Time Menu
    Breakfast Served 9.30am - 11.30am Download our menu (15.3MB)
    Lunch and dinner   Served 11.30am - 4pm Download our lunch menu (PDF - 87KB)
    Sunday lunch   Download our Sunday lunch menu (PDF - 3.7MB)
    Download our dessert menu (PDF - 23.3KB)
    Weddings 2018 Download our 2018 wedding menu (PDF - 236KB)

    Gift vouchers

    Gift vouchers for the Barnett Restaurant make an ideal gift for your colleagues, friends and family. For more information ask at reception or call us on 028 9068 1246.

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    Contact us
    Malone House
    028 9068 1246
    Malone House
    Barnett Demesne
    BT9 5PB