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Application checklist

Appendix 1 Information checklist

 To be completed by the applicant.

Address and reference number:


Basic requirements (must be completed for all applications) Circle whichever of the following applies:
1 Completed application form   Yes    No  
2 Ownership certificate Yes No  
3 Confirmation of reserved matters (outline applications only) Yes No N/A

Are the following matters reserved for subsequent approval?

Specify “Yes” if the matter is to be reserved and “No” if the matter is to be determined at outline stage.



External appearance



Yes   No    
Yes No  
Yes No  
Yes No  
4 Location Plan (Scale of 1:1250 or 1:2500) Yes No  
5 Plans and Drawings; to include: Yes No  
  - Block Plan 1:200 or 1:500 Yes No  
- Existing and Proposed Elevation 1:50 or 1:100 Yes No  
- Floor plans 1:50 or 1:100 Yes No  
- Roof plan 1:50 or 1:100 Yes No  
- Spot levels Yes No  
- Sections on sloping land and adjacent land Yes No  
- Demolition plans (If LBC / DCA) Yes  No  
6 Design and Access Statement Yes  No  
7 Pre-application Community Consultation Report (Major applications only) Yes  No  
8 Correct Fee Yes  No  

Footnote 1: A Design and Access Statement is required for the following:

  • Major development
  • Listed Building Consent
  • Proposals of ≥1 dwelling house or ≥ 100sqm in:
    • Conservation Area
    • Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
    • World Heritage Site
    • Area of Townscape Character
Official Use Only
Basic requirements met? (valid) Yes  No
Other supporting information met? Yes No


Other supporting information (must be completed in all cases except Householder applications and applications for Advertisement Consent) Circle whichever of the following applies:
1 Adaptable and Accessible Accommodation Statement Yes  No N/A
2 Affordable Housing Proposal Form Yes  No N/A
3 Air Quality Impact Assessment Yes  No N/A
4 Archaeological Assessment Yes  No N/A
5 Archaeological Field Evaluation Yes  No N/A
6 Biodiversity Checklist Yes  No N/A
7 Biodiversity/Ecological Survey Yes  No N/A
8 Climate Change Statement Yes  No N/A
9 Community Cohesion and Good Relations Statement Yes  No N/A
10 Construction Environmental Management Plan Yes  No N/A
11 Contaminated Land Report Yes  No N/A
12 Contextual Design Information Yes  No N/A
13 Daylight, Sunlight and Overshadowing Assessment Yes  No N/A
14 Demolition Justification Report Yes No N/A
15 Drainage Assessment Yes  No N/A
16 Economic Statement Yes  No N/A
17 Employability and Skills Profile Yes  No N/A
18 Event Management Plan Yes No N/A
19 Environmental Statement (EIA) Yes  No N/A
20 Flood Risk Assessment Yes  No N/A
21 Health Impact Assessment Yes  No N/A
22 Householder Design Statement Yes  No N/A
23 Housing Mix Statement Yes  No N/A
24 Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment Yes  No N/A
25 Lighting Assessment Yes No N/A
26 Marketing Statement Yes No N/A
27 Masterplanning Statement Yes  No N/A
28 Noise and Vibration Impact Assessment Yes  No N/A
29 Odour Impact Assessment Yes  No N/A
30 Parking Survey Yes No N/A
31 Phasing Plan Yes  No N/A
32 Planning Agreement (Heads of Terms) Yes No N/A
33 Planning Statement Yes  No N/A
34 Retail Impact Assessment Yes No N/A
35 Sequential Test (Main Town Centre Uses) Yes  No N/A
36 Specialist Housing Statement Yes  No N/A
37 Structural Survey Yes  No N/A
38 Student Accommodation Need Statement Yes  No N/A
39 Tall Buildings Design Statement Yes  No N/A
40 Telecommunications Supporting Statement Yes  No N/A
41 Transport Assessment Yes No N/A
42 Transport Assessment Form Yes  No N/A
43 Travel Plan Yes  No N/A
44 Tree Survey Yes  No N/A
45 Viability Assessment Yes  No N/A
46 Waste Management Plan Yes No N/A
47 Wind Energy Statement Yes  No N/A
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