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Published - 12 October 2023

Language Strategy

Language Strategy – Draft Action Plan 2018 to 2023

This is a draft action plan across the all the language strands in the Council’s Language Strategy 2018 to 2023.

The Council launched its Language Strategy in April 2018. The Strategy commits to establishing a transparent set of principles for promoting, protecting and enhancing the linguistic diversity of the city. There are five language strands within the Strategy:

  • Irish
  • Ulster-Scots
  • Minority Ethnic Communities  
  • Sign Languages (British Sign Language and Irish Sign Language)
  • Disability Communications

This Strategy is organised on thematic work streams setting out how the Council will deliver its commitments in the Language Strategy. It identifies both immediate priorities and longer- term goals. Whilst the immediate priorities will be in the initial focus, it is the aspiration to deliver all of the priorities identified within the lifetime of this plan.

The Council’s Legal and Civic Services Department will have overall responsibility for monitoring progress of the priorities with the action plan. However, it is the responsibility of each Council Department to ensure that the Language Strategy and this action plan informs the delivery of their functions. This action plan will be subject to annual review with regular update reports brought to the Elected Member Language Strategy Working Group which reports to the Council’s Strategic Policy and Resources Committee.


  • 1.0 Access to Council Services
  • 2.0 Branding
  • 3.0 Community, Education and Business
  • 4.0 Staff Awareness and Training
  • 5.0 Engagement
  • Annex 1 – interim approach for selected languages for Minority Ethnic Communities
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