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Belfast man banned from keeping animals for 15 years

19 Jun 2019
A man has been given a suspended sentence and banned for keeping animals for 15 years in relation to animal welfare offences.

At Belfast Magistrates Court yesterday Harry Todd, from Joanmount Park in north Belfast, was convicted of four offences and sentenced to 5 months, suspended for 12 months - on each count - for causing his dog unnecessary suffering and for abandoning more than 150 pigeons at an address on Ballysillan Road.

The prosecution was taken by Belfast City Council following a report from a member of the public concerned for the welfare of the birds.

The person also told council staff that the carcass of a dog was in an upstairs room of the property.

Animal welfare officers attended the property with a vet on November 2, 2017, and found the partially skeletonised remains of a dog.

They also found a number of dead pigeons, and 153 pigeons deemed to be suffering were also removed from the property.

Mr Todd was also ordered to pay costs of £79.
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