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Former US President and NI Special Envoy to be made Freemen of the City

27 Mar 2018
Members of Belfast City Council have agreed to make both former US President Bill Clinton and Senator George Mitchell a Freeman of the City.

At a special meeting of council held today (Tuesday), councillors agreed a request from Councillor Tim Attwood seconded by Councillor Michael Long, to bestow the honour on the former President as well as Senator Mitchell, former US Special Envoy for Northern Ireland.

Both men are to be recognised for their services to peace in Northern Ireland.

A special council meeting will be called at a later date to officially confer the honour.

Mr Clinton and Senator Mitchell will be the 83rd and 84th recipients of the Freedom of the City of Belfast.

They follow in the footsteps of, most recently, Sir Kenneth Branagh, and Michael Longley, Van Morrison and Dame Mary Peters.
Belfast City Hall