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Charity shops offered advice on sale of second-hand goods

18 Jul 2018
Belfast City Council has published a short guide for charity shops and auctioneers in the city, offering advice and guidance on the sale of second-hand goods.

The pack includes safety information that second-hand goods’ sellers should be aware of, along with checklists to be carried out on a variety of products often sold second-hand including electrical goods, furniture, clothes, toys and nursery products, such as, prams and car seats.

Councillor Kate Nicholl, Chair of Belfast City Council’s People and Communities Committee, visited Action Cancer on the Ormeau Road to meet staff and raise awareness of the new advice packs.

She said: “Our health and safety team offer important advice and guidance to consumers and businesses on a range of health and safety matters. We now hope charity shops, auctioneers and those who supply, hire and sell second-hand goods will benefit from their expertise through our ‘Second-hand goods safety advice pack’.

“The information in the pack has been prepared for guidance and indicates the main points to look for when preparing products for sale to the public. All second-hand goods must be safe for consumers to use and in our pack, there is advice on general product safety and helpful checklists that will assist in identifying any possible product safety issues and actions to take.”

For more information on the pack and the work of our health and safety team, visit our website at
Second hand goods advice