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Thrill of Formula One returns to Belfast

31 Oct 2018
The thrill of Formula One is returning to Belfast city centre this weekend.

On Saturday (3 November), the Red Bull Showrun will see 13-time Grand Prix winner David Coulthard will put a Championship winning RB8 F1 through its paces at the front of City Hall.

Local motorcycling heroes Jeremy McWilliams and Ryan Farquhar will be joining in the excitement, alongside stunt bike rider Matt Griffin, from Galway, and 2017 Pro-Am Drift Champion Conor Shanahan, from Cork.

There will be three shows, at 8pm, 8.30pm and 9pm. Wellington Place, Donegall Square North and Chichester Street will be closed to traffic from 6pm, and the site will be open to the public from 7.30pm. In addition, the Red Bull F1 Racing car and its accompanying garage will be on display for the public in front of City Hall from 12 noon until 5pm.

For more details, including access arrangements and viewing areas, visit the event website.
David Coulthard at the wheel