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Employment academies boost jobs

20 Nov 2018
Belfast City Council is hoping to help around 200 people get jobs over the autumn and winter as it organises upcoming academies in line with demand from local employers.

The Belfast Employment Academies will train people in response to growing demand from local organisations for specific skills.

They are aimed particularly at the long-term unemployed or anyone working under 16 hours a week to become self-employed or find jobs. Around two-thirds of those who undergo training in a particular employment academy find jobs in that sector.

Chairman of the City Growth and Regeneration Committee, Councillor Donal Lyons, said: “We have seven training academies running this autumn/winter covering industries such as construction, hospitality, transport, childcare, self-employed childminding and social care. We are working with local employers to supply potential employees with the skills they need to begin work immediately.

“This is very much in line with the Belfast Agenda – our long-term development plan for Belfast – which aims to increase the number of jobs available by tackling the lack of specific skills.

“It commits us to working in partnership with many organisations to ensure we improve life in Belfast for those living, working or visiting the city.

“I would urge anyone from within the Belfast City Council area, or someone who is long-term unemployed or working under 16 hours a week and is interested in getting new skills to help them get a job, to get in touch with our economic development unit and sign up for an employment academy. Everyone who does so is guaranteed a job interview at the end of the programme,” added Councillor Lyons.

To learn more check our website,, email or telephone 028 9027 0482.
Belfast City Hall