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Asbestos collection

We provide a limited collection service for cement-based asbestos weighing up to 120kg.

This service is only available to households within the Belfast City Council electoral area.

We can't collect asbestos that has been removed by a contractor working on your home.

Book an asbestos collection

Before you book, please read the terms and conditions for online services and our privacy statement

We'll call you when we've organised a collection and ask you to confirm where the asbestos will be left.

We may have to visit your home to decide how best to dispose of the asbestos material.

We can only make one collection per household in each 12 month period.

If collection is approved, we'll: 

  • send you a maximum of two sets of asbestos collection bags
  • appoint a contractor to collect the bags

Once you receive your collection bags, you should remove the material following our guidelines. 

Guidelines for removing asbestos

You should take care when handling asbestos. Never bring it to any of our civic amenity sites or recycling centres.  

Always check with us or the Health and Safety Executive Northern Ireland to see if asbestos can be safely removed before it is collected.

If it can, you should: 

  • wear protective overalls and dispose of them afterwards in the bags provided
  • wear an asbestos-proof dust mask
  • keep other people and animals out of the area
  • don't break up asbestos - breaking it releases the dangerous fibres into the air
  • dampen the area with water
  • sweep up the dust with a damp cloth, and seal it in the bags provided
  • don't use a vacuum to remove asbestos dust
  • place the asbestos in the disposal bags provided and seal them with strong tape if possible
  • don't overfill bags - let us know if you are having difficulty fitting the material into the bags provided
  • make sure there are no sharp edges that may cause the bags to split.

Once you remove and bag up the asbestos, leave it at the agreed collection point.

If you have more asbestos than we can collect, call the Northern Ireland Environment Agency on 028 9056 9710 for a list of companies registered to dispose of asbestos. 

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