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Bulky waste collection

Coronavirus update

Last updated: Tuesday 24 March 2020

As we respond to coronavirus (COVID-19), we have streamlined our resources to prioritise delivery of essential services, such as waste collections and burials and cremations. 

We are unable to provide bulky waste collections for households. 

Our recycling centres and civic amenity sites are closed.

For more information visit our COVID-19 page.


If you want to dispose of a large item, such as a sofa, cooker, bed or mattress, you can request a free bulky waste collection from us. We only collect bulky waste from households. We do not collect large amounts of bulky waste or skips.

What items can we collect?

 Yes No
Furniture (must be dry and covered)
Bagged household waste
Mattresses (must be dry and covered)
Builders rubble, plaster board, bricks or soil
Carpet (must be dry and covered)
Tyres and car parts
Electrical appliances e.g. TV
Cardboard and packaging
White goods e.g. fridges, washing machines and cookers
Batteries and fluorescent tubes

Paint, pesticides and oil
  Garden waste or garden furniture
  Bathroom suites, kitchen units, radiators, doors and sheds

This is not a complete list and advice on other items can be obtained from our staff when you book a collection with us.

Please note, we do not collect waste which is a result of work carried out in your home, such as bathroom suites, kitchens or fireplaces. Please arrange with your building contractor to remove these items or alternatively organise removal by an authorised waste collection company or hire a skip. 

We also provide an asbestos collection service for up to 120kg of asbestos.

How to book a bulky waste collection

Call us on 028 9027 0230 and we'll check to see if we can pick up your item. 

If we can, we'll give you a collection date and agree how and where the bulky waste should be left for our staff. This will normally be the place your bin is collected from.

If your bin is usually collected in an entry, please bring items to the end of the entry. If your bin is collected at your driveway, please bring items to the end of your path. If you have alleygates, please make sure items are left outside the gates. 

When you call, please tell us if you have very heavy or bulky items for collection. We may need to arrange for a bigger lorry to help with the collection.

We can only collect those items that have been originally booked with us. You shouldn't leave any other items out for collection.

Preparing for collection

  • Leave all items out from 7am on the day of collection.  Do not leave any items out until your collection day.
  • Make sure items are outside your property at your normal bin collection point. They should be all in one place and easy to reach.
  • Make sure there is enough space outside your property for our lorry.
  • Remove any nails from wood or furniture.
  • Tie, tape or bundle large amounts of wood like old furniture units.

Remember, we can't enter parts of your home, like garages and sheds, to collect items - so please leave items outside your property. And we can't collect items other than those you originally booked with us.

We may not be able to collect your bulky waste if you don't follow these instructions. 

Donating items

If you're looking to find a new home for your unwanted items, you can donate them to a local charity or not-for-profit organisation. These items could find a new lease of life with someone who really needs them, and it avoids them ending up in landfill.

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