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New recycling projects

We are calling to houses in some parts of the west and north of the city to give householders information on their new ‘wheelie box’ recycling scheme.

We are also visiting households that moved from Lisburn to Belfast City Council earlier in the year to promote recycling and reduce the amount of rubbish going to landfill.

Please remember to ask all callers to your door for identification, and if you are in doubt please call us to check if your household is being canvassed. All our canvassing staff wear branded clothing, do not need to enter your property and will not ask to do so.

Information on protecting you from bogus callers

West and north Belfast – Wheelie Box Trial

Around 3,000 households are moving from blue bins to a new ‘wheelie box’ recycling system. This is a new recycling container that has never been used in Belfast before.

All households involved will be visited by a member of our team and provided with information, including when to leave out their old blue bin so we can remove it and when to expect delivery of their new wheelie boxes. They will also be receiving a weekly food waste collection. All residents should have their new wheelie boxes and food waste bins by the start of October.

The following areas are involved:

Mayo Street, Woodvale area, Ainsworth area, Dhu-Varren area, Clonard area, Ross Road area, Lower and Mid Springfield Road, Grosvenor Road area.

West Belfast - Twinbrook, Poleglass, Dunmurry, Lagmore, Mount Eagles

We are calling to all households in these areas that were previously part of Lisburn City Council to make sure residents know what items to recycle and where to recycle them. We are also giving these households the opportunity to get contaminated bins emptied.

However, from 5 October we will not collect any recycling or composting bins that contain the wrong materials.

If you need an additional or replacement recycling or composting bins, please contact us.
Find out what goes in your bins.
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