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Report a problem with your bin

Coronavirus update: changes to waste services

Last updated: Monday 1 June 2020

This page gives information on which waste services have been suspended, which are running as usual and what to do with coronavirus waste. We are reviewing our service delivery on a daily basis. Please check this page or our social media regularly and share updates with neighbours and friends who may not be online.

Recycling centres and civic amenity sites

Recycling centres in Belfast have reopened. Temporary arrangements are in place in order to protect your and our staff's health and safety, and to facilitate social distancing in line with the current public health advice. 

  • Recycling centres will be open six days per week, from 9am-5pm Monday to Friday, and from 10am-5pm on Saturday. They will be closed on Sunday. 
  • You will be asked to provide proof of address as the sites will only be open for people living in the Belfast City Council area. Examples of proof of address we will accept include your driving licence, a utility bill (gas, electricity, broadband supplier), or a bank statement.
  • There may be significant queues and delays, so we are asking you to consider if your visit is absolutely essential. We are appealing for cooperation with the temporary arrangements and thank you for your patience at this time.
  • Recycling centres are only be able to accept: 
    • bagged general waste/non-recyclable waste/black bag waste 
    • garden waste (grass, hedge trimmings – no garden furniture or machinery) 
    • glass bottles and jars 
    • cardboard 
  • • wood
    • scrap metal
    • electrical items
  • The only vehicles permitted access are cars, including cars with single axle trailers. Vans or double axle trailers will not be permitted.
  • The number of vehicles on site at any one time will be restricted. 
  • Temporary traffic management arrangements are in place at each of our recycling centres to allow vehicles to enter and exit our sites safely.
  • You will be responsible for unloading your own waste to maintain social distancing from staff.
  • If you are self-isolating or have symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) you should not visit a recycling centre. 
  • Civic amenity sites at Agnes Street, Cregagh Road and Springfield Road remain closed.

Waste and recycling collection services

Most of our waste and recycling collections are running as usual.

  • Collections of black, brown, and blue bins, and purple glass recycling boxes are continuing as usual. Find your bin collection day online.
  • Wheelie box collections for residents in the Castle area of north Belfast have resumed, but you need to sort your recycling differently. Find out more.
  • Bryson recycling box collections are continuing as usual, but you need to sort your recycling differently. Find out more. (opens in new window). 
To help our crews as much as possible, you should:
  • not leave side waste or extra rubbish bags next to your bin, as we can’t collect them
  • sort your recycling properly
  • make sure you wash your hands, before and after handling your bins or recycling boxes
  • wipe the handle of your bin and boxes down after you leave it at your usual collection point
  • follow social distancing guidance
  • make sure disposable gloves are placed into your black bin once you’ve finished using them
  • visit nidirect for more advice on bin hygiene
You must not put items such as used tissues or disposable cleaning cloths into your recycling bins or boxes. This is very important.

Coronavirus waste

If you have suspected, or confirmed coronavirus, follow these instructions before putting items such as used tissues and disposable cleaning cloths in your black waste bin:

  • double-bag them, tying the bags securely
  • keep them separate from other waste for 72 hours before putting them into your black waste bin for collection


We are aware of reports of fly-tipping across the city and our teams are trying to respond to requests for service as resources allow.

If possible, we would ask people to report fly-tipping via our online form and we will clear rubbish as soon as operationally possible.

Visit nidirect website for more information on fly-tipping.

Bulky waste collections suspended

We’re not taking new bookings for bulky waste collections.

More information

Thank you for your continued support and patience in these challenging circumstances.

Report a problem with your bin

You can report a:

  • missed bin collection
  • lost, stolen or burnt bin
  • damaged bin
  • bin spillage
  • bin wasn't returned to its collection point

Please read the terms and conditions for online services and our privacy statement.

Missed bin collection

If you think we've missed your bin, please contact us the day after your normal collection day, as your bin may not be collected until 8pm. We will investigate the circumstances of your missed collection and if appropriate, we'll arrange another collection.

Before you report your bin, please check your collection day.

We may not have collected your bin because: 

  • it wasn't left out on time. Leave your bin out by 7am and keep it out until 8pm if it hasn't been collected.
  • you've put the wrong materials in your bin.  See what goes in my bins?.
  • your collection is on a public holiday when collection times change. See holiday bin collections.
  • your bin was too heavy.
  • it had no lid or the lid was not fully closed.
  • our bin lorry has broken down.
  • bad weather stopped us collecting your bin.
  • we couldn’t get access to your street due to parked cars.

Stolen or burnt bin

If you think your bin has been stolen, please contact the police. If it has been stolen or burnt as a result of antisocial behaviour, you may be entitled to a new bin free of charge.

You will need a PSNI reference number to order a new bin. Once you get this number, select the burnt or stolen option in the order a new bin online form. 

If you need help, please telephone us on 028 9027 0230.

Damaged bin

If you think your bin has been damaged by one of our lorries, we can investigate further.  

To report a damaged bin:

If you think your bin has been deliberately damaged or vandalised you should report it to the police. 

If the bin can't be used because of the damage you’ll need to order a new bin. You will need a PSNI reference number to order a new bin. Once you get this number, select the burnt or stolen option in the order a bin online form.

Bin wasn't returned to its collection point

If you report that your bin hasn't been returned to its collection point, we'll try and return it to you within one working day. 

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