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Charity donations

You can donate unwanted furniture, clothes, books and other household items to some organisations and charities so they can be reused.

Some of these organisations will even collect your items from your home free of charge.

If you are a charity or not-for-profit organisation who offers a similar free service in Belfast, please contact us and we will add your contact details to our list.

If you have items that are not suitable for a charity shop, remember you can bring them to any of our recycling centres.

Action Cancer

Action Cancer operate 18 charity shops across Northern Ireland, selling a range of clothing and furniture from their clothing outlets, vintage shop and furniture stores.

They also make free collections throughout Northern Ireland, and have three vehicles operating in the Belfast area.

 Address  Telephone  Furniture  Clothes
 455 Ormeau Road, Belfast BT7 3GQ
 028 9069 2351
 Yes  No
 181 Ormeau Road, Belfast BT7 1SQ  028 9031 3462  Yes  No
 Unit 1, 16-18 Belmont Road, Belfast, BT4 2AA  028 9058 2302  No  Yes
 Something different, 168 Lisburn Road, Belfast BT9 6LA
 028 9066 3933
 Yes  Yes
 131a Andersonstown Road, Belfast, BT11 9BU
 028 9061 7997
 Yes  Yes
 133c Andersonstown Road, Belfast, BT11 9BU
 028 9062 3349
 Yes  Yes

British Heart Foundation

British Heart Foundation Northern Ireland is leading the fight against heart disease.  You can help in the fight for every heartbeat by donating any unwanted clothes, accessories, DVDs, toys and bric-a-brac that you may have.

Get in contact with our Belfast shop and they will pick them up for free from your home or work at your convenience.

 Address  Telephone
 24 Castle Street, Belfast, BT1 1HB
 028 9024 5838

East Belfast Mission

East Belfast Mission is a registered charity working in community regeneration in socially deprived areas of east Belfast.

Currently, East Belfast Mission has five charity shops trading under the name of re:store.

Four vans are on the road every day collecting and delivering goods. Collections are free of charge.

 Address  Telephone  Furniture  Clothes
 213 - 223 Newtownards Road, Belfast
 028 9073 1879
 Yes  No
 335 Newtownards Road, Belfast
 028 9045 8071
 No  Yes
 Unit 6 Connswater Shopping Centre
 028 9045 5025
 Yes  Yes
 Unit 13 - 14 Park Centre
 028 9031 5721
 Yes  Yes
 Rebeebies: Unit 16 - 17 Park Centre  028 9032 5721  Yes  Yes


East Belfast Mission also collect recyclables from the reuse sheds at our four recycling centresacross the city.

For more information visit


If you have some unwanted furniture in a good condition that you'd like to donate, your nearest Oxfam furniture shop would love to hear from you. Please call your nearest shop on 028 9065 5114 (Upper Newtownards Road) or 028 9032 5546 (Dublin Road). For more information visit

St Vincent de Paul

St Vincent de Paul will collect any furniture, clothes, or bric-a-brac from your home free of charge. To arrange a collection please call 028 9074 0290 or for more information visit

Cash for clobber

Cash for Clobber collects textiles for recycling from schools in Belfast in exchange for cash. They will also make a contribution to Northern Ireland Cancer Fund for Children (NICFC). The more clothes you collect, the more money your school will earn.

The good quality clothes collected are sold at very low prices in markets in Africa, and any clothes that cannot be re-worn, are recycled into upholstery filling or cleaning wipes for the automotive industry.

The scheme is also available to Girls' and Boys' Brigades, scout and guide troops, community and youth organisations and sports clubs.

Call us on 0800 032 8100 to take part.

Storehouse Belfast

Storehouse freely provides furniture to families and individuals moving from hostel accommodation or homelessness into their own property for the first time. You can help by donating items of furniture that are still in good condition. Storehouse volunteers van can arrange collect the furniture directly from your home. Please call 028 9023 6333 to arrange a collection.

For more information, please visit

Quaker Care

Quaker Care accept clothes, books, electronics, bric-a-brac, and small furniture. All profits are used to deliver much needed services for disadvantaged individuals, families and children in Northern Ireland.

Address  Telephone 
541 Lisburn Road, Belfast
028 9020 1444


Red Cross

Red Cross charity shops can turn your unwanted clothes and other items into cash to help people in crisis in the UK and around the world. The Belfast shop specialises in vintage and designer clothes, and pre-loved items. Others sell books, gifts or furniture. 

They accept donations of unwanted clothing, accessories and bric-a-brac, and especially love donations of vintage and retro clothing, ornaments and non-pierced jewellery. Please contact your local shop for more details.

All profits from Red Cross shops help people in crisis around the world. For more information visit

Address Telephone
Red Cross Vintage and Retro
Botanic Avenue, Belfast 
028 9031 5544


Belfast City Council does not endorse or promote any of the aforesaid organisations. It is the responsibility of the householder to make any arrangements with the relevant organisation regarding any such collection. The council will have no part in the making of such arrangements or liability in respect of same.

Contact us
Waste management
0800 032 8100
Cecil Ward Building
4-10 Linenhall Street