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Brexit advice and guidance

  • Information about Brexit

    Comprehensive information about Brexit and how it might impact Northern Ireland and people living here is available from on the NI Direct website. (link opens in new window)

    Here are links to key sections of information:

    • NI Brexit Information leaflet (link opens in new window)
      Key information on health, transport and the EU Settlement Scheme.
    • UK government and NI preparations (link opens in new window)
      Information on UK government, NI Civil Service, Irish government and European commission preparations.
    • Transport and travel (link opens in new window)
      Information on travelling, driving, rail, bus and coach, hauliers and pet travel.
    • Health and social care (link opens in new window)
      Information on the impact on medicines and medical supplies, cross-border services, the Common Travel Area, health cover while travelling abroad and information for healthcare staff.
    • Business and employers (link opens in new window)
      Information and advice to businesses from the UK government, Invest NI and IntertradeIreland, plus information on importing, exporting, VAT, tariffs and customs.
    • EU citizens (link opens in new window)
      Information for Irish, EU, EEA and Swiss citizens including information on how to apply for the EU Settlement Scheme and advice available on how to apply.
    • Education (link opens in new window)
      Information for pupils from Republic of Ireland studying in Northern Ireland plus information on studying in the EU after Brexit, and advice for EU nationals studying in Northern Ireland.
    • Rights and the law (link opens in new window)
      Information on the Common Travel Area, family law, workplace rights, consumer rights and other legal issues.
    • Holidaying in Europe (link opens in new window)
      Information on travelling to Europe, passports, travel insurance, mobile roaming, rights, timeshares and pet travel.
    • Money, benefits and pensions (link opens in new window)
    • Agriculture and environment (link opens in new window)
      Information on Export Health Certificates plus a broad range of information from Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) and the UK government.
  • Our Brexit Committee

    Since the referendum, we have been considering the likely impacts of Brexit and have been making preparations for it.

    In 2018, we established a Brexit Committee to focus on issues surrounding the UK leaving the European Union. You can find out more about its functions and access committee minutes and agendas on our Brexit Committee section.

    We have been considering how Brexit will potentially affect delivery of the council’s critical services and putting in place contingency measures to deal with potential impacts. 

    We also continue to work closely with partner agencies to prepare for Brexit. 

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