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Food shopping

You should always make sure that the food you buy is safe to eat, especially when doing your weekly shop.

Below are some helpful tips to follow when shopping:


  • If you aren't happy with the way food is handled, sold or stored, speak to the shop manager or contact us
  • Always check the date on food products and don't buy food past its 'use by' date
  • If a shop is unhygienic or has problems with flies or other pest, contact us so we can investigate
  • Check that the food you buy is the same quality as food on display
  • Don’t accept produce that has been handled by someone with dirty hands or clothes
  • Be aware of overloaded or overly-warm chilled or frozen cabinets
  • Only buy cooked meats or meat products which are kept refrigerated. If the refrigerator has a thermometer, make sure it reads 5°C or less 
  • Make sure food packaging is not damaged
  • Take all chilled and frozen purchases home and put them into the correct storage as soon as possible to avoid defrosting and spoilage.


  • Buy food that looks old, stale or mouldy 
  • Buy ready-to-eat open food which has been touched by someone who has also handled raw food, especially meat, without washing their hands 
  • Accept food served to you by someone who has been smoking or eating or has just touched their mouth or hair 
  • Do not buy frozen food which is soft or defrosting 
  • Buy food that is past its 'use by' date.

For further information and tips on shopping visit Love Food Hate Waste.

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