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Food safety

Register a complaint

Make a complaint about food bought, provided or manufactured in Belfast.

Food hygiene rating scheme

Check food hygiene ratings for businesses in Belfast.

Food poisoning

Learn about the causes of food poisoning, main symptoms, tips for prevention and what we do.


Tips for a healthy, balanced diet.

Food labelling

Find out about the new food labelling regulations that make it easier for people with allergies to identify ingredients they need to avoid.

Food waste legislation

All businesses that generate more than 5kg of food waste must have a separate food waste collection.

Information for childminders

Children are deemed a vulnerable group, and as such, can be more seriously affected by food poisoning than some other groups of people. So food safety in childcare establishments is very important.

Port health

We're responsible for making sure the Port of Belfast meets environmental health standards.

Brexit guidance

As the UK prepares to leave the EU, the Food Standards Agency and UK government have published guidance on the steps your business may need to take to prepare for exit from the EU.

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