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Lateral flow testing kits for businesses

  • Testing for local employers

    We are working with the Department of Health to support the distribution of lateral flow (rapid) test kits for small businesses in Belfast. Local employers can help minimise the spread of COVID-19 infection among people by introducing regular testing to identify asymptomatic cases within their workforce.

  • Asymptomatic testing programme

    Some people infected with COVID-19 don't have symptoms but still transmit the virus to others without being aware. It is important to reduce the risk of transmission by identifying people who may not know they have COVID-19. Asymptomatic testing can identify these people quickly and make sure they and their close contacts can self-isolate. This 'test to find' approach helps break the chain of transmission in the workforce and beyond. But workforce asymptomatic testing does not replace other measures such as social distancing, hand hygiene and face coverings.

  • Small businesses with ten or fewer employees

    In Belfast, small businesses or organisations with 10 or fewer employees can collect lateral flow device (LFD) test kits from our offices at 9 Adelaide, 9-21 Adelaide Street from Monday to Friday between 10am and 12 noon. This drop-in service is only available to Belfast-based small businesses.

    Elsewhere small businesses or organisations with ten or fewer employees can:

    • collect lateral flow (rapid) test kits from a local site
    • order lateral flow devices for delivery to home

    Find where to get rapid lateral flow tests (link opens in a new window)
    Order coronavirus (COVID-19) rapid lateral flow tests (link opens in a new window)

  • Employers with more than ten employees

    Organisations with over 10 employees that want to participate in workforce testing schemes can register their interest with the Department of Health:

  • Collecting LFD test kits

    When you collect the LFD kits for your business from us, you will need to provide:

    • company name
    • contact name
    • telephone number

    This information is necessary to comply with the Medicines and Health products Regulatory Agency's (MHRA) requirements in case there is a batch recall, investigations or a safety notice is issued. Our privacy notice explains why we are collecting this information.

  • Lateral flow testing packs

    A maximum of 20 lateral flow device (LFD) packs will be issued per collection. Each pack is for one person and has seven tests. Testing is recommended twice weekly.

  • Rapid Asymptomatic Testing Programme

    To read about the Department of Health's rapid testing programme for employers with staff, go to Rapid Asymptomatic Testing Programme (link opens in a new window).

Privacy notice for lateral flow testing devices

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