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Forth Meadow Community Greenway

Public art pre-qualification expression of interest

  • Public art pre-qualification expression of interest

    We are seeking an artist or consortium of artists to design, fabricate and install public artwork as part of the PEACE IV Forth Meadow Community Greenway project. This includes:

    • One large flagship artwork
    • A series of two or more smaller, complimentary artworks

    Applications from suitably qualified and experienced artists will be shortlisted for the opportunity to tender for this project.

  • Procurement process

    The procurement process is a two-stage selection and assessment process, described below.

    Stage 1 – Pre-qualification stage (selection)
    Artists are asked to provide evidence of their ability to carry out this type of work to progress to the second stage of the procurement process. They will be assessed against criteria including:

    • evidence of previous experience
    • ability to project manage and deliver projects of this scale, and
    • ability to consult effectively with the local community. 

    Details of the scoring and weighting is included within the procurement documentation.

    The closing date for stage one is 20 December 2021.

    Stage 2 - Tender submission stage (assessment criteria)
    At the second stage, artists will be asked to submit:

    • a model
    • accompanying design
    • a project plan
    • an outline budget
    • a schedule of works, and
    • proposals for community engagement. 

    A set fee for shortlisted artists for the model will be payable on receipt of a complete tender submission.

    At stage two, the tender submission will be evaluated and awarded using Most Economically Advantageous Tender (MEAT) criteria, based on a split of 80 per cent on quality and 20 per cent on cost.

  • Budget

    A maximum budget of £195,000 is available for this project. This budget must cover:

    • the artist’s design
    • procurement
    • fabrication
    • construction
    • installation, and
    • all community and stakeholder engagement.
  • Submissions

    This procurement process is being carried out by electronic tendering via the eSourcingNI portal at

    Reference: Project 26613 - Artist for Public Art at Peace IV Forth Meadow Community Greenway (PQQ 4278)

    Responses must be completed and returned via the eSourcingNI portal. Submission by any other means will not be accepted.

    It will not be possible to submit a response after the deadline (20 December 2021).

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