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City Cemetery Heritage project

City Cemetery visual artist expression of interest

  • Introduction

    We’re seeking expressions of interest from suitably qualified and experienced visual artists to work with up to six groups of young people through schools and youth groups to produce a series of artworks based on the rich history and heritage of City Cemetery.

    The artwork will be displayed on the site hoarding which will be erected at the City Cemetery during the construction of the new visitor centre.

  • Contract terms

    • The artist/facilitator will work with up to six groups of young people.
    • The participating groups will be identified by Belfast City Council (the council) through the City Cemetery Engagement Officer.
    • The artist/facilitator will work with the groups in their school or community setting.
    • The artist/facilitator will be responsible for delivering six one hour sessions with each group.
    • One of the sessions will involve a site visit to the cemetery and a guided tour of the site. The tour will be arranged by the Engagement Officer. (Please note all site visits will be managed in line with current Covid-19 guidance)
    • Following the site visit the artist/facilitator will work with the young people participants to devise and create their artwork.
    • The theme of each piece will be agreed by all parties (the council, artist/facilitator and the groups) following the site visit and tour.
    • The artist/facilitator will be responsible for working with the groups and overseeing all aspects of production of the art works. Reasonable costs for materials will be met by the council.
    • The cost of transferring the art works to a format suitable for display on the hoarding panels will be met by the council and is not included in this tender.
    • The finished art pieces will be the sole property of the council who will have the exclusive right to use the material as they see fit.
  • Budget

    A maximum budget of £2,760 is available to cover the cost of the artist/facilitator’s work and materials.

    Based on an artist/facilitator’s hourly rate of £30 per hour, this will include six hours preparation time per group, six one hour sessions per group, plus an allowance of £100 for materials for each group.

  • Assessment

    Submissions will be assessed on the basis of criteria outlined below with each criteria carrying equal weight. Each section will be marked out of 5 and therefore the total marks available will be 25. The following shows the scoring criteria that will be applied:

    Assessment scoring interpretation

    • Excellent 5 - The response was considered comprehensive and contained an excellent level of detail (covering all the elements stated above in detail). No material omissions and/or weaknesses identified.
    • Very Good 4 - The response contained a very good level of detail, (covering all of the elements stated above). Only minor omissions and/or weaknesses identified.
    • Good 3 - The response contained a good level of detail, (covering most of the elements stated above). A limited number of omissions and/or weaknesses have been identified.
    • Satisfactory 2 - The response contained an adequate level of detail (covering most of the elements stated above). Several material omissions and/or weaknesses have been identified.
    • Poor 1 - The response was considered poor, only contained a poor level of detail and in the most part failed to consider all the elements stated above. Major omissions and/or weaknesses have been identified.
    • Nil Response/ Very Poor 0 - No response or Applicant failed to address the question
  • Submissions

    Artist/facilitators wishing to be considered must submit the following:

    • A short biography.
    • A CV.
    • Details of previous similar projects undertaken with visual supporting material.
    • A brief project outline describing how the artist would go about delivering the project (no more than one A4 page in 12 point font).
    • Capacity to offer added value.

    Submissions must be emailed by 12 noon on Tuesday 27 October 2020 to

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