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Physical investment

Marrowbone Millennium Park

  • Development plans

    Working in partnership with the Urban Villages Initiative, we have developed initial designs which will help to develop a thriving, welcoming and shared space in Marrowbone.   

    The proposal is being designed for the needs of the local community, which will include facilities catering for a range of experiences.

    Plans for the park focus on:

    Improving facilities

    • New playground - relocation and redesign a new, larger playground with equipment for children of all ages and abilities.
    • Sports facilities - widening and lengthening the existing 3G pitch and building a new changing pavilion. The plan also includes the installation of a new, free-to-use, multi-use games area (MUGA) for a variety of ball sports.
    • Event space - retention and improvement of the large grass area to allow for events such as summer festivals and community fun days.

    Improving safety

    • Lighting - installation of lighting throughout the park to improve visibility during the hours of darkness.
    • Reducing thick woodland - thinning out woodland along Jamaica Road to improve sightlines right across the park.
    • Boundary fencing - replacement of the existing fencing along Oldpark Road with new attractive and robust fencing.

    Improving accessibility

    • New stepped entrance - improved access to the park from Jamaica Road.
    • Additional entrance - creation of a new entrance at the northern corner of the park.
    • Existing entrance - improvements to the appearance of the existing entrance on Oldpark Road.
  • Current status

    Following an extensive public consultation, we are now finalising designs. A new planning application will be submitted in the near future.

    For more information, email or call 028 9032 0202.

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