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European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL)

ECDL is a European-wide qualification, designed for those who wish to gain a basic qualification in computing.

How does ECDL work?

A table outlining the seven ECDL modules which must be passed before the ECDL certificate is awarded.
ECDL modules 
Module number  Module name  Description   Syllabus 
Security for IT Users  This module requires the candidate to know about the basic components of a personal computer and understand some of the basic concepts of Information Technology (IT) such as data storage and memory.  Download Security for IT Users syllabus (PDF - 68KB) 
IT Users Fundamentals This module requires the candidate to demonstrate knowledge and competence in using the basic functions of a computer and its operating system. Download IT Users Fundamentals syllabus (PDF - 106KB) 
Word Processing  This module requires the candidate to demonstrate the ability to use a word processing application on a computer.  Download Word Processing syllabus (PDF - 90KB) 
Spreadsheet  This module requires the candidate to understand and be able to accomplish basic operations associated with developing, formatting and using a spreadsheet.  Download Spreadsheet syllabus (PDF - 93KB) 
Database  This module requires the candidate to understand the basic concepts of databases.  Download Database syllabus (PDF - 90KB) 
Presentations  This module requires the candidate to demonstrate competence in using the presentations application on a computer. The candidate will be able to accomplish basic tasks such as creating, formatting and preparing presentations for distribution and display.  Download Presentations syllabus (PDF - 97KB) 
Using Email and the Internet   This module is divided in two sections. The first section, information, requires the candidate to accomplish basic Web search tasks using a Web browser application and available search engine tools, to bookmark search results.  Download Using Email and the Internet syllabus (PDF - 111KB) 


Courses needed for examinations 

A table outlining the courses provided by Digital Services that will prepare you for the various ECDL Examinations

Module number  ECDL module  Course 
Security for IT Users  Security for IT Users 
IT Users Fundamentals  IT Users Fundamentals 
Word Processing  Basic Word and Intermediate Word 
Spreadsheets  Basic Excel and Intermediate Excel 
Databases  Basic Access and Intermediate Access 
Presentations  Powerpoint 
Using Email and the Internet  Email and Internet  

How to book

You can book a course or exam by phoning 028 9027 0707 or email

Our Information Technology Training Team has over 20 years of experience in providing training in all areas of computing, from basic awareness to advanced level courses.

Exam schedule

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14 Nov 2019   21 Feb 2020   21 Apr 2020   28 May 2020        
IT Users Fundamentals
08 Oct 2019   21 Jan 2020   21 Apr 2020            
15 Oct 2019   06 Feb 2020   12 May 2020            
Security for IT Users
26 Sep 2019   14 Jan 2020   08 Apr 2020            
09 Oct 2019   18 Feb 2020   05 May 2020   16 Jun 2020        
Using Email and the Internet
14 Nov 2019   03 Mar 2020   26 May 2020            
02 Oct 2019   04 Feb 2020   29 Apr 2020